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Personal trainers
Personal Trainers

Melbourne Fight Club has recruited Australia's best trainers to deliver to you individual classes over a huge variety of disciplines.
Our trainers are professionals, all masters of their own disciplines who are passionate about achieving your goals.
Read on to meet the team! 

Shihan George Kolovos
- Founder; 6th Dan black belt Kyokushin Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing.
Kru Ting- Specialising in Muay Thai, Competition Training & Wai Khru
Garth Christie - Specialising in Muay Thai and Kickboxing
Peter Kolovos - Specialising in Kickboxing, Karate & Strength Training. Peter is a qualified and accredited physiotherapist.
Alexandre Santos - Specialising in BJJ
Trent Bekis - Specialising in MMA
Mel Holden - Specialising in Strength and Conditioning, Kettlebell and Kickboxing
Fred Tukes - Specialising in Boxing       

Get to know a little more about your trainers.
MKK Trainers - Shihan Kolovos
Shihan George Kolovos
Founder, 6th Dan black belt Kyokushin Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing.
MKK Trainers - Kru Ting
Kru Ting
Being only one of a handful of Thai trainers in Melbourne it is unlikely you will have experienced a class quite like Ting's. Kru Ting specialises in Muay Thai group classes, personal training and competition training with an emphasis on pure, authentic Thai kickboxing. This instills within his students an appreciation for the philosophy and artistic beauty behind this traditional discipline.

A professional fighter in Thailand, incredibly Ting amassed over 120 fights before redirecting his focus to training. Ting remarks that his passion lies with competitive Muay Thai, and since moving to Melbourne he has trained some of our city's most successful Muay Thai fighters, including numerous WBC Muay Thai champions.

Kru Ting is prominant and active participant in the local Thai community. He regularly participates in festivals, performing the Wai Khru: a display of respect performed by fighters before each bout to honour the forefathers of the discipline.
MKK Trainers - Garth Christie
Garth Christie
New Zealand born Garth started training at 16 and went on to study sport and recreation and fitness. Garth specialises in Muay Thai , Kickboxing, Boxing and Strength and conditioning. He has trained the likes of NZIKBF champion Trevor Salang and is known for favouring strong punches and elbows along with the importance of a strong base.

Garth also trains very closely with our advanced members dedicating a lot of his time and knowledge to them to help them compete successfully.
MKK Trainers - Peter Kolovos
Peter Kolovos
The son of Melbourne Fight Club founder George Kolovos, martial arts have been a part of Peter's life as long as he can remember. Following his father's footsteps, Peter began by pursuing Kyokushin Karate. As a successful Karateka, Peter competed nationally level and achieved numerous age and weight division championship trophies.

Whilst training Kyokushin, Peter also advanced into kickboxing arena, acheiving his Black singlet in a matter of years. Peter now instructs group kickboxing / Muay Thai classes at Melbourne Fight Club.

Peter is a qualified physiotherapist with a specialty focus on exercise physiology. Peter's personal training sessions especially cater for Kickboxing, Karate, weight training, strength and conditioning and dietary advice.
MKK Trainers - Alexandre Santos
Alexandre Santos
Alex has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) for over 21 years and has accomplished a 3rd Dan Black belt. Alex has been working with us here at Melbourne Fight Club for over 2 years and has proven that his teaching skills are without a doubt the best in Victoria by teaching not only One but Two World Champions. He is also a Pan Pac's medallist belonging to the famous Cia Paulista team.

Born and trained in Brazil Alex moved to Australia in 2010 to train many who he has now built a strong relationship with. Alex himself also still competes and came back from his last competition successful with 2 gold medals for both Gi and no gi. Learn authentic and practical BJJ techniques while offering a great cardio and strength workout.
MKK Trainers - Fred Tukes
Fred Tukes
Fred's fast hand speed and south paw stance has earned him numerous opportunities to spar with many of the elite boxing champions such as Arturio Gatti and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fred's incredibly fast paced skills and dedication have allowed him to be the former Australian Welterweight title holder.

Fred is such a caring and attentive soul that he will do everything in his power to make everyone feel comfortable and train those that are more advanced to fight at their best possible ability.

Mel Holden
With over 10 years of experience, Mel is passionate about focusing on strength and conditioning and helping people to get the body they long for. With results that will speak for themselves, Mel also focuses on food coaching to enable people to exercise in conjunction with having a healthy and enjoyable nutrition guide.

Mel has experience in martial arts and a background in fitness pertaining to crossfit. Her occupation as a personal trainer has taken her overseas where she spent time learning new training methods and training alongside some of Americas most renowned fitness professionals.
Trent BekisTrent Bekis

Professional MMA Coach
Trent has over 22 years of Martial Arts and Combat Sports experience with 18 years of coaching experience.
He has competed in Combat Sports throughout Australia, Brazil and the South Pacific. Trent has also fought MMA professionally throughout Australia and Japan.

Trent began in Japenese Jujitsu and Traditional Martial Arts before he commenced his training in Olympic Wrestling, Submission Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 1993.
He gained success competing in wrestling and Jiu Jitsu in Australia before heading to Brazil in 1995 to train in Rio and Sao Paulo.
Since 1998 he has been coaching Boxing and Kickboxing along with Self Protection and Defensive Tactics, he currently teaches Jujitsu, submission wrestling and MMA in Melbourne.

Fight Club welcomes Trent to our coaching team as our Professional MMA Coach

MMA classes run Tuesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 1pm

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